A SMALL place with a HUGE Heart

The Place for the Gay man on Town

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Welcome to Company Bar, Manchester - THE place for the Gay man…..


Open 7 days a week with ‘Happy Hours’ to suit.

Company Bar - Manchester

It all started off as The Queens Club, then became the ‘Q’ Bar before being what it is now but above all a place for the Gay Man on Town to enjoy the atmosphere with other Gay Men.

Company Bar - Manchester

Company Bar, welcomes all Gay men into Manchester with an atmosphere for all guys to enjoy, music from the all extremes depending on you or the staffs(?) requirements.

Company Bar - Manchester

We are a small bar in the heart of the village but with a HUGE heart that allows you freedom to enjoy a quiet drink with your fellow friends, partners or simply to pass the time away.

Company Bar - Manchester

THE place to be at any time of the day or night in a safe place.

We hope you enjoy your visit.

Happy Hours

Open 7 Days A Week